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NPR 699.00

  • Delivery mode: Login
  • Delivery time: 30 mins
  • Platform: Android, IOS, Web
  • Region: India
  • Publisher: GIGL
  • Time period: 1 year
  • Genre: Audiobook
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Buy GIGL App Subscription in Nepal

GIGL App (Great Ideas Great Life) is a audio book, e-books & digital online course learning platform made for all peoples who wants to improve themselves. GIGL app has almost 1000+ audiobooks and they also add a new book every week to their platform you can listen to them from their app and website.

Buy GIGL App Subscription in Nepal


Your GIGL APP Subscription will be delivered within 10-30 min to your given login details and will get notified through SMS. If you won’t get any SMS then contact us through our Facebook page (LINK) we will assist you as soon as possible.



How to buy GIGL App Subscription in Nepal?

  • Go to
  • Search for GIGL App
  • Click on the GIGL App
  • Enter your login details
  • Click on Add to Cart or Buy Now
  • Add your Billing details
  • Complete your purchase & your GIGL App Subscription will be delivered within 10-30 min.


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